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Our Committees

Business Committee

The business committee is responsible for marketing and promoting our organization, as well as dealing with business proceedings.

Events Committee

This committee is in charge of coordinating and planning events for our students. These events are designed to help build our students into productive members of society through the teaching of Vietnamese culture in a fun and inspiring way. They are also responsible for constructing an engaging and knowledgeable curriculum.

Finance Committee

The finance committee carries economic responsibilities such as bookkeeping, handling transactions, and taxes. They are also responsible for discovering grants to help fund our organization’s activities.

Instructional Committee

Our certified instructional team is in charge of teaching our students during class, ensuring that they are engaged and learning. This committee also consists of our instructional assistants.

Sparring Committee

The sparring committee is responsible for sparring events and practice. The members on this committee are skilled in the art of sparring and are responsible for teaching our students the skills necessary to spar efficiently and safely.

Parent Council

Parents are responsible for providing feedback and suggestions for our organization. They provide checks and balances to ensure student safety and help maintain the overall well-being of all students at our academy.

Alumni Council

They maintain contact with former students for support and connections. They act as mentors to current students for career opportunities, advice, etc.

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