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History of Lò Tấn

 Nguyễn Trần Tiếp

The late great grandmaster was named Nguyễn Trần Tiếp (real name) or Tấn Hoành (martial art name). He was born on January 20th, 1921 in Quảng Ngãi, Viet Nam, and passed away on December 5th, 2002. He was one of the three most famous martial arts masters in Quang Ngai since the French colonial period.


Artistic Heritage

The great grandmaster’s ancestors passed down the traditional Vietnamese martial arts only within the family to avoid capture from the Nguyen Dynasty after the fall of the Tay Son Dynasty. Despite the harsh and difficult circumstances, they were determined to preserve the precious artistic heritage of martial arts left by our ancestors.

The First

Republic of Vietnam

In 1955, the First Republic of Vietnam was born under President Ngô Đình Diệm, and the martial arts academy was established and named ‘’Lò Tấn‘’ (Tan meaning to improve every day, Lo is a forge). Since then, all students who came to practice with the academy would adopt the surname “Tấn”. His famous disciples are Tan Dieu (Grandson), Tan Thanh (Grandson), Tan Tuong Lai (Son), Tan Nhat Bich (Dao Van Bich), Ngoc Cu, Tan Ba…


The disciples of the late great Grandmaster Tan Hoanh have trained hundreds of champions and thousands of martial arts masters all over Vietnam. Today, Grandmaster Tan Hoanh has a great-grandchild, the number one Muay fighter in Vietnam.

2022 Muay Thai Grand Prix Champion

Five-time World Muaythai Federation Champion

2018 Uni Super Championship Tournament Champion

Won bronze, silver, and gold medals in other events including the 2022 World Games, SEA Games, and more.

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